Is Growing Industrial Hemp Profitable?

Growing industrial hemp can be extremely profitable if done correctly. Learn more about how you can make money from growing hemp with this guide.

Is Growing Industrial Hemp Profitable?

Growing hemp can be a lucrative business, but the amount of money you make depends on the method used and the hemp product. Low-risk products such as fiber and seeds have a continuous demand, making them a great option for those looking to make money from hemp.


is one of the most profitable cash crops in the world, with demand for hemp products far outstripping supply. It is not a very demanding plant, requiring minimal water and fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

To get a healthy and delicious harvest, however, you need to stay up to date with farming techniques. This includes finding quality hemp seeds and understanding ideal growing conditions. You can package the cured flower and sell it as is, or you can take it one step further and transform your vegetables into something easier to use, such as pre-rolled hemp cigarettes. To increase retail value even more, consider infusing Delta-8 into your flower, the most popular new derivative of the hemp plant.

The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has outlined how states and tribes can submit plans that allow producers to grow hemp in those areas. Hemp doesn't need high-quality soil to grow, but it does need other conditions for optimal growth. Plant your seeds, grow your hemp throughout the 90- to 120-day growth cycle, harvest, dry and exchange ground biomass for cash. This makes the hemp farming business attractive to many farmers who are wondering if it will be worth moving their farms to hemp cultivation.

Yields are higher when plants are grown in low-light greenhouses compared to outside. When choosing hemp seeds rich in CBD, it is essential to cultivate only certified genetic seeds that are safe for the environment, that remain within the legal limits of THC, that are properly feminized to prevent the appearance of males and, ultimately, that provide a healthy and profitable harvest. Cannabis breeding is complex and there are different varieties of cannabis that are cultivated for different purposes. Remember that the profitability of growing hemp depends on the quality of the seeds and the percentage of CBD they provide.

Producers can grow hemp if they meet certain requirements or if they grow it according to an approved state or tribal hemp production plan. Eligible producers include those who grow in accordance with USDA, state and tribal plans or for research purposes. Hemp Foundry's 50-50 payment agreement for processing with producers who don't buy their clones and a 60-40 benefit-sharing agreement that benefits those who do have resulted in crops that went directly to Monee, Illinois. One of the biggest problems when growing hemp is weeds that must be eliminated, especially when the hemp plants are still young and small.

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