Is THC-O Safe to Vape? An Expert's Perspective

Learn about the history and potential benefits of vaping with synthetic cannabinoid analogues like THCO acetate from an expert's perspective.

Is THC-O Safe to Vape? An Expert's Perspective

Made with a blend of THC-O, THC delta-8 and strain-specific terpenes, these THC-O vaporizer cartridges contain no additives or fillers for an excellent vaping experience. They are compatible with standard batteries that support a 510 thread cartridge. But producing THC-O is definitely dangerous. Acetic anhydride is flammable and its use creates a fire and explosion hazard.As with butane hashish oil (BHO), it can only be done by people who are very familiar with the process in properly equipped laboratories.

If you smoke or vape THC-O, it is recommended to stick to a dose of up to 0.5 mg. When used with oil or edibles, up to 3 mg is sufficient. Exceeding these levels could lead to poisoning.If you smoke more than 5 mg or consume more than 10 mg orally, you may experience psychedelic effects, which could be unpleasant or even scary. It is also best for newbies to stay away from THC-O altogether.

Since synthetic marijuana was introduced, a large number of similar cannabinoid agonists have been created. This makes it difficult to control these substances.Because there is very little research and few regulations, the risks that the use of THC-O can entail are virtually unknown. The lack of regulations and standards for production makes it very difficult to know the potency of a product or what chemicals were involved during production. While most advertise as organic or natural, hazardous chemicals are often used when manufacturing THC-O.THC-O (sometimes called THCo or ATHC) is short for THC-O-acetate, it is a synthetic analog of powerfully psychoactive THC.

The United States Controlled Substances Act (CSA) does not explicitly mention THC-O as a controlled substance, but it could still be considered a synthetic analogue of THC under the Federal Analogs Act, 21 U. But by most accounts, THC-O raises you higher than Delta 8 and is a much more intense experience than all other forms of THC.While the basic structure of THC-O is similar to that of cannabinoids found in nature, the functional acetate group is not. While part of this stems from the fact that it's just not that easy to test THC-O, it's still not an acceptable excuse. However, THC-O products are still available for purchase from a select number of US brands, such as Bearly Legal and Utoya.The laws for THC-O are even less clear because this cannabinoid has never been mentioned in any state or federal legislature to date.

Of course, high-potency cannabis concentrates such as oil, wax and shatter have been legally sold for many years, so the risk of a bad trip with THC-O is relative.Until THC-O and other hemp derivatives enter a state-regulated system, consumers will need to weigh the risks and benefits of these compounds for themselves. Keep reading to learn more about the history of THC-O acetate, its potential benefits, and the risks you should know before trying it yourself.Nicknamed the “psychedelic of cannabinoids”, THC-O acetate is a synthetic form of tetrahydrocannabinol. The THC-O is offered in a convenient disposable vaporizer that makes it easy to enjoy the effects of the Delta-8 on the go or at home. Although many of us have recently heard of THC-O, the US military began studying its effects as early as the 1940s; they observed that it eroded dogs' muscle coordination twice as much as conventional delta-9 THC.But like the acetate ester form of THC, it seems almost certain that drug tests will detect metabolites of THC in the blood, urine, or hair of a THC-O user.

There have never been official studies on the optimal dose of THC-O, just many anecdotal reports of people testing the effects of THC-O at different doses.As with products containing delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC, products with THC-O exist in the marginal legal space between hemp (which is legal nationwide) and cannabis (which is not).

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